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HCA does not discriminate in admission on the basis of race, color, sex or national origin. Admission to HCA is granted on the basis of past academic performance, previous conduct and behavior, records and testing.  Acceptance is also based on the ability of the school to meet the educational and spiritual needs of the student.  In addition, parents must be in agreement with the mission, philosophy and policies of the school.  We reserve the right to accept or reject an applicant for any reason or no reason. 

The following requirements must be met for enrollment:
*       Kindergarten (K3)  students must be three years of age  by August 14.
*       Kindergarten (K4)  students must be four years of age  by August 14.
*       Kindergarten (K5)  students must be five years of age  by August 14.
*       First grade students must be six years of age by August 14.
*       The parent or guardian must complete an enrollment application and pay
         any required application and/or testing fee.
*       The school must have copies of transcripts,  permanent records, and
         the most recent report card from previous school attended.
*       Copy of  State Certified Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, TN
         Certificate of Immunization, (see hand book for details)
*       Parent or Guardian must sign the Parent Cooperative Statement form.
*       Students  must complete  any testing required by the administration to
         ensure the school’s ability to meet their needs.
*       The  school cannot admit students with “special” needs due to lack of
         equipment, training, and resources needed for children with severe
         physical, mental, behavioral or emotional problems.
*       All students are considered to be on probation for the first grading
         period.  Probation may be extended additional grading periods on the
         recommendation of the teacher and/or administrator.
*       Students who  withdraw during  the school year must re-apply for
         admission in the same manner as a new student.  If a student
         withdraws as a result of a controversy, the HCA Board of Advisers
         must approve the student’s readmission.
*       All students are required to purchase books.