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I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


     "When we moved to the area in 2005, we were strongly considering homeschooling our children.  Being unfamiliar with the area or schools in the county, we began the search for academic opportunities.  Not too long into the search, we found a small Christian school on top of the hill in New Tazewell.  This school had opened one year prior to our move.  Placing our three children in this school 10 years ago was the best decision in their lives that we made.  They are very strong ethically and morally.  Their love for God and mankind is amazing.  This school provides so many wonderful opportunities.  It has a strong academia, Jr. Beta Club (100% middle school students to qualify), music, foreign language, Chapel, and First Priority just to name a few.
     And now, what's near and dear to our hearts: the sports at HCA.  We have had one of the strongest girls basketball programs in the 1-A TMSSAA, and our boys team is doing well also.  Heritage offers cheerleading for all ages and middle school golf, which have been a wonderful addition to our school. We take pride that the players are very respectful on and off the court/course.
     We just have one more thing to say about HCA: It is the most loving school we have ecountered.  There's no bullying or fighting and the kids really like and care for one another.  This comes from the most important part of the school, our teachers and administration.  Without their loving skillful leadership,we would not be the school we are.  Thank you!  We love HCA!" Dan and Sandra - HCA Parents

     "I like Heritage because of its nice teachers.  They keep everyone under control and will always help students who are in need of assistance.  They will also push everyone to do their best.  Everyone is usually nice to each other and helps each other. I really enjoy all the classes; most of all I enjoy PE, Math, and Language.  I guarantee that your child will love HCA as much as I do." Gage - HCA Student

     "My child has been a student at HCA for the past six years.  Those who work at the school truly care about each child.  It is wonderful that students have the opportunity to share concerns and requests, then pray together.  Teachers are willing to work with parents for the betterment of each child.  I am very thankful the for small class sizes and the individualized attention my child receives."  Shannon- HCA Parent

     "I came to Heritage because children need to learn about God and the Bible.  We also need to learn math, science, history, reading, and language.  You asked me what I liked at school:  I like making new friends, learning, and meeting new people.  I'll miss everything after I leave HCA:  school, staff, friends, teachers, and the fact that we can learn about God, because other people can't.  I do hope they can soon."  Allie - HCA Student